Mosquitoes, a medical vessle? Or a tool to depopulate?

Mosquitoes are seemingly useless. Is this really true though? So far they do nothing but fly around, spread disease and suck your blood. Even leaches are more useful! Having been involved in draining infection in a patients limps. There is potential for mosquitoes more than we think, for better or worse.

I want to share with you a theory of mine, and it involves DNA, Viruses and contaminating human veins in ways we shouldn’t dabble. I’m getting at some gory stuff here, as that’s what the medical profession requires of me! Though, admittedly; I have no interest in becoming  a doctor.

It started with observing the behavior of the common cold virus. All viruses have the microscopic ability to penetrate the epidermis and tinker with our genetic code in small uncomfortable ways. Viruses use whatever traveling buddy they can find to sneak their way past your defenses; food, water, rodents, air molecules, melting ice, EVERYTHING. Viruses and mosquitoes are on their way to becoming great partners of crime against the human race, so I figured I’d let you in on a secret. There are some of us who wonder where the AIDS virus came from, rumor has it primal instincts are the main cause, but this is gossip and gossips main goal is to act as a cover up (in my experiences). I personally refuse to believe that sexual actions on a small scale did this, since we all can agree that people do incredibly idiotic things all of the time and AIDS did not spring forth as a result before there was genetic engineering.

So with that being said in a brutally honest manner, if we have in fact been creating both vaccines and depopulation epidemics, then there should be nothing stopping us from developing and deploying a virus that is intended to correct DNA codes, creating a population no longer susceptible to the disease. Is this a vaccine? NO. It is a virus that functions like a vaccine. A manufactured virus, which spreads cure and resistance. The vehicle of choice, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are like needles on wings, rather than transmit disease, how about cure? Although, we as people have the right to refuse medical treatment of course, but who is to say we are not already being subjected to a man made disease against our will? I would err on the side of using mosquitoes as vessels primary to prevent our livestock and suffering regions from contracting these diseases to prevent spreading to human life, rather than intending the insects to be tested on a non-consenting group.

I apologize in advance if this topic opens up some creaky doors. The mind cannot help itself but make contrasts. Say if there are oceans there is land, with beauty there are beasts, with coals there are diamonds, good and evil. If there were articles existing now titled ” Scientists deploy a virus designed to cure AIDS!” Crowds would be ecstatic, but wonder, when will this discovery/new technology ultimately be abused? Well, I was hoping that bringing up the idea that viruses can be used for good would work in the same way as saying “is this already being abused?” Because I can assure you, there are lots of technologies being abused! That’s another story. There are almost 6 billion people on earth, and this planet has the potential for unlimited resources only if we take that responsibility. Resources such as fossil fuels were the boost we needed to build our cities, transportation and power our homes, but these fuels are to be used for a temporary time, just like training wheels on a bike. My overall impression though, is that were going on age 16 now and those wheels are still not off, and either our parents (overseers/rulers) will be taking away the bike (kicking us off earth/controlled weather tragedies), forcing us to take off the wheels before we do (forced agendas such as Agenda 21, one child population laws), or saying screw the bike and buying us car so we can all be realistic about our needs for once!

Optimistically, the truth is that there is no need to depopulate at all. Depopulation will never be the answer. The idea of a fresh start is nice, wipe everything clean and start over but we already tried that what with all the plagues and cursed empires. Don’t let any of the professors who look at population levels draw up grim conclusions of cutting back quality of life to stretch out resources, because that’s exactly what put the thought of depopulation in the  minds of some ungodly powerful people who ARE making HUGE decisions about the lives of MILLIONS, RIGHT NOW.

Happy Hatching‼~

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Digital Courses, Which Direction?

Ever get tired of learning and doing the same things you already know? You would think that being recruited into a school system that utilizes modern technology and office software would’ve prepared you for the ‘real world’, but if your a millennial, I would think you’ve been exposed to enough ‘Microsoft Office’ to land a simple clerical assistant job right? At least… you would think, but sure enough, it’s not enough. And thus begins your journey of finding confidence in pieces of paper that authorize your abilities, abilities you already had but didn’t certify (pay over $300 for). Selling yourself isn’t easy with unsupervised/undocumented learning. Seems like educational courses require your money ( I mean your whole savings), in order for YOUR skills to be considered. What exactly it is that YOU do? I guess you can’t just tell me, since people lie to get a job all the time, and that makes you untrustworthy. At the same time you wonder… when did being upfront about your line of work become obsolete? Just because our society demands proof of education, work experience, and your soul for that matter, doesn’t mean the bad apples are are far from the unjust corporate tree (where they have spawned from in the first place). It’s obvious there is a bigger issue here, and to cope, well… you could build a portfolio, take some tests, earn some certificates, obtain a degree, have a great social network, etc…etc… Or perhaps, this complexity needs to be simplified, perhaps with some source code that wraps all that sparkly peacock feather dance into an image, perhaps digital badges? Maybe I am lazy… or there are just too many regulations preventing me from getting to the point, the point being THESE ARE MY SKILLS, LOOK!!! I found a sliver of hope though, I believe badges can take showcasing those unappreciated skills to the next level. Check out to get started. This is the where it all started. Mozilla announced the Open Badges Project on September 15th 2011! So far, there is a badge for just about everything, and they’re sure to have been a lot of earners, but what about displaying your badges? Mozillas Badge Backpack displays your hard earned badges, but are there any recruiters looking for a displayer yet? Because they should be! By the way, adding these courses/badges to your resume has been a particular burning question for the masses, but it is very possible, and I think you will find this to be a common practice in the very near future.

With that being said, I hope to see some proven results from our badge earners, and I will keep us posted on which direction we should go and how to become accredited with badges.

There are already online sites that offer you the opportunity to level up your life. Go post your badges and projects to your Facebook, spread the word to your employers, and share your experience with others!

Some great places to start learning and earning are

Want to help HatchTheAware?

Just tell me about your success with these courses and how you plan to use these tools to better your life, whether it be obtaining a new job or getting accepted into the college of your dreams, your ideas help me to design a plan to promote more choices concerning open courseware.

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