Mosquitoes, a medical vessle? Or a tool to depopulate?

Mosquitoes are seemingly useless. Is this really true though? So far they do nothing but fly around, spread disease and suck your blood. Even leaches are more useful! Having been involved in draining infection in a patients limps. There is potential for mosquitoes more than we think, for better or worse.

I want to share with you a theory of mine, and it involves DNA, Viruses and contaminating human veins in ways we shouldn’t dabble. I’m getting at some gory stuff here, as that’s what the medical profession requires of me! Though, admittedly; I have no interest in becoming  a doctor.

It started with observing the behavior of the common cold virus. All viruses have the microscopic ability to penetrate the epidermis and tinker with our genetic code in small uncomfortable ways. Viruses use whatever traveling buddy they can find to sneak their way past your defenses; food, water, rodents, air molecules, melting ice, EVERYTHING. Viruses and mosquitoes are on their way to becoming great partners of crime against the human race, so I figured I’d let you in on a secret. There are some of us who wonder where the AIDS virus came from, rumor has it primal instincts are the main cause, but this is gossip and gossips main goal is to act as a cover up (in my experiences). I personally refuse to believe that sexual actions on a small scale did this, since we all can agree that people do incredibly idiotic things all of the time and AIDS did not spring forth as a result before there was genetic engineering.

So with that being said in a brutally honest manner, if we have in fact been creating both vaccines and depopulation epidemics, then there should be nothing stopping us from developing and deploying a virus that is intended to correct DNA codes, creating a population no longer susceptible to the disease. Is this a vaccine? NO. It is a virus that functions like a vaccine. A manufactured virus, which spreads cure and resistance. The vehicle of choice, mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are like needles on wings, rather than transmit disease, how about cure? Although, we as people have the right to refuse medical treatment of course, but who is to say we are not already being subjected to a man made disease against our will? I would err on the side of using mosquitoes as vessels primary to prevent our livestock and suffering regions from contracting these diseases to prevent spreading to human life, rather than intending the insects to be tested on a non-consenting group.

I apologize in advance if this topic opens up some creaky doors. The mind cannot help itself but make contrasts. Say if there are oceans there is land, with beauty there are beasts, with coals there are diamonds, good and evil. If there were articles existing now titled ” Scientists deploy a virus designed to cure AIDS!” Crowds would be ecstatic, but wonder, when will this discovery/new technology ultimately be abused? Well, I was hoping that bringing up the idea that viruses can be used for good would work in the same way as saying “is this already being abused?” Because I can assure you, there are lots of technologies being abused! That’s another story. There are almost 6 billion people on earth, and this planet has the potential for unlimited resources only if we take that responsibility. Resources such as fossil fuels were the boost we needed to build our cities, transportation and power our homes, but these fuels are to be used for a temporary time, just like training wheels on a bike. My overall impression though, is that were going on age 16 now and those wheels are still not off, and either our parents (overseers/rulers) will be taking away the bike (kicking us off earth/controlled weather tragedies), forcing us to take off the wheels before we do (forced agendas such as Agenda 21, one child population laws), or saying screw the bike and buying us car so we can all be realistic about our needs for once!

Optimistically, the truth is that there is no need to depopulate at all. Depopulation will never be the answer. The idea of a fresh start is nice, wipe everything clean and start over but we already tried that what with all the plagues and cursed empires. Don’t let any of the professors who look at population levels draw up grim conclusions of cutting back quality of life to stretch out resources, because that’s exactly what put the thought of depopulation in the  minds of some ungodly powerful people who ARE making HUGE decisions about the lives of MILLIONS, RIGHT NOW.

Happy Hatching‼~


About Karen037

In all honesty, I am a very simple person who feels the need to simply simplify her life. I feel the need to take responsibility of my own life and not require the permission of authorities to be able to speak, learn, build and grow, just as all adults do. I have a great respect for the contributions made by our forefathers and historical figures who have built the bridge that we all must cross. The bridge to freedom, which can only be crossed by continuing to give, striving for change and supporting open minded businesses and groups. I plan to contribute and support a world that wants its basic needs and desires back. The people are not really asking for much, just food, water, a home and a social structure are really most anyone's only goals in life, but sadly I find myself and others untangling a complicated mess to fill a very uncomplicated void that was taken from them. The struggle for survival is costing us much more than we are gaining. My ultimate goal is to take back my right to learn by supporting the open badges project, where learning can take place anytime, anywhere and you are awarded or recognized for it. I want myself, and others, to take control of their education, it is child-like to let a degree or college have complete control. I believe we now have the tools to start taking control of our lives, we should still have a government body, but one in which we share power and protect our rights as equals, not as Uncle Sam vs. We The People.
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